Investment capacity of Khuzestan

Our focus in business is exporting dates from Iran and mainly Khuzestan to other countries. Iran is one of the greatest providers of dates in the world. Dashtestani trade group is exporting high-quality dates from Khuzestan to other parts of the world based on a professional plan and international policies. 

This region is highly cultivated for planting date palm and that is why you can’t find a date with this quality anywhere else. Our dates are:

  • Highly organic
  • Well-rated in the market
  • Available in different types
  • Planted in fertilized soil of Khuzestan

Investment capacity of Khuzestan

  • Establishment of product processing factories such as factories for making snack with dates
  • Production of product from date palm pods such as furniture and wooden utensils
  • Export of different types of dates through Arvand free economical region such as Sayer date
Here we try to bring high quality Iranian dates to the rest of the world. Extraterrestrial cultivation increases production as well as ensures food security, which is an important issue given the current biological conditions. Also, Extraterrestrial cultivation can be a great area for investment as this province has promising future.

Khuzestan province due to special talents such as the existence of potential agricultural plains, accessing Arvand hub, air border, and the existence of International airports, etc. have a special advantage over other parts of the country.

The goods can be exported from Arvand free economical zone without paying customs duties and taxes and with easy company registration, and they can be stored in a warehouse for a while and, if necessary, re-packaged and re-exported which is a great advantage for investment. Also, your investment in this area will be completely safe as insurance companies and support organizations have a high performance in covering investors.

The main area of our attention in the discussion of date exports is Khuzestan province in Iran. This province has a high investment capacity and has promising results regarding the date debate.

 At present, this province is one of the main suppliers of this product. Investments can be made in the following areas:

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